Transformative Entrepreneurial Journey Award ​

The TEJ award focuses on recognizing individuals for their remarkable mindset transformation towards blending profitability with social impact. It is essential that the information provided is accurate and reflective of your individual journey and effort.

Of the 10 winners of this award, the person with the highest total scores will also win the L.J. Filion prize of CAD2,000.

The deadline to submit your application is August 24, 2024 (23h59 Montreal time)


  • Submissions will be evaluated holistically, with emphasis not on the end result but the journey itself.
  • Authenticity, sincerity, and depth of personal growth will be prioritized over mere accomplishments.

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Personal Information

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Mindset Transformation Journey

Describe your mindset towards profitability and social impact before enrolling in the SBC program
Detail the primary learnings or concepts from the SBC that influenced your transformation
Share specific incidents, interactions, or experiences during the SBC course that catalyzed a shift in your perspective
Describe the steps you have taken or plan to take in order to implement your transformed mindset in real-world scenarios, irrespective of the outcome of any project
Share feedback or interactions you had with peers, mentors, or stakeholders that reinforced or challenged your evolving mindset

Supporting Documents

- Recommendation Letters: Provide up to two letters from peers, mentors, or stakeholders speaking to your transformation journey.
- Media: Any videos, photos, or other media that capture moments of your transformation. (e.g., presentations, group discussions, etc.)
- Reflection Journal: Attach any personal reflection journal or notes you may have maintained during your journey.
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