SBC Ambassador Award

The SBC Ambassador Award is for people who are the most effective in promoting SBC’s mission and growing the SBC community in Edition 2024. Any member of the SBC community (i.e., people participating in any role in the current and past editions) can be a candidate for this award.

Any SBC member can self-nominate or nominate another person for the award by submitting a dossier here.

The deadline to submit your application is August 24, 2024 (23h59 Montreal time).

Evaluation: Submissions will be evaluated holistically, with emphasis on both the method and the end result.

Notes: Social Business Creation’s vision is to be the global leader in social entrepreneurship education. Social Business Creation’s mission is to educate business people to be socially responsible.

  • Change the mindset of people toward the norm that “profitability and positive social impacts should go hand-in-hand and thus social business is the way to do business”
  • Propagate the concept of social business and make students become ambassadors for its promotion
  • Enable and teach students to become better entrepreneurs with a sense of higher purpose and use their knowledge for the sake of social contributions via their business activities
  • Enable students to be successful in their entrepreneurial development.

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Supporting Documents

- Activities: Upload evidence of the activities carried out by the nominee to promote and grow the SBC.
- Achievements: Upload evidence of the achievements by the nominee in promoting and growing the SBC.
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